Weekend Box Office January 30th – The Rite, No Strings Attached and The Green Hornet

The first month of 2011 is in the books as far as the weekend box office numbers are concerned. Overall the first month of 2011 brought us some good flicks but we are excited about what the rest of the year has to offer as well. Below are the top performing films for the weekend of January 30th, 2011.

Coming in at the top of the list for this weekend’s box office earnings was the Anthony Hopkins thriller The Rite. Hopkins plays the creepy Father Lucas Trevant who travels to Italy to study at an exorcism school. We remember Hopkins best for his gripping role in The Silence of the Lambs and this movie might just match that performance. The Rite made $15 million in its opening weekend which is slightly less than original expectations. The genre might be holding this film back from bigger success but the word of mouth on the movie is also mixed. If you like thrillers with a bit of a horror twist this film might just be for you.

No Strings Attachedcontinues to see some good success as the Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman film held strong in the second box office spot. The romantic comedy, that has plenty of great visual screen candy, was able to add $13.7 million for the weekend to bring the two week domestic earnings total to $39.7 million. The duo of Kutcher and Portman is proving to be a successful one as the film is really hitting it big with the romantic movie going crowds.

The Green Hornethad another great weekend holding the third place spot in their third weekend at the theaters. The action comedy, which was written by and starred Seth Rogen, was happy to add $10.5 million to their domestic bottom line bringing their three week earnings total to $78.8. Look for The Green Hornet to cross over the coveted $100 million mark sometime in mid February.

In opening weekend news The Mechanic earned $11.5 million for the weekend and grabbed the fourth weekend box office spot. The action thriller starring Jason Statham and Ben Foster performed better than the original expectations for the film. The Mechanic, as well as all of the current box office films, should take a bit of a hit next weekend as they will have to compete with the spectacle that is the Super Bowl.

Check out all of the top performing current movies and their earnings for the weekend of January 30th, 2011 below.

# Title weekend

1 The Rite $15,005,000

2 No Strings Attached $13,650,000

3 The Green Hornet $11,500,000

4 The Mechanic $11,500,000

5 The King’s Speech $11,102,276

6 True Grit $7,600,000

7 The Dilemma $5,475,925

8 Black Swan $5,100,000

9 The Fighter $4,055,000

10 Yogi Bear $3,165,000

All data provided by BoxOffice.com.